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    Deoxys V-battle Deck

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    Meteor Showers and Lightning Storms with Deoxys V
    Two Mythical Pokémon V are ready for battle! Choose your Pokémon: Deoxys V leads a team of Psychic types with his cosmic powers, and Zeraora V flashes across the battlefield like lightning to strike with massive damage. Each deck contains useful item and supporter cards to keep the pressure on your opponent turn after turn

    In each V Battle Deck you will find:
    • 1 ready-made deck with 60 cards
    • 3 reference cards
    • 1 rule book
    • Single player play mat
    • Damage counters
    • 1 large metal coin
    • 1 deck box
    • 1 Quick Guide with strategies
    • 1 code card to play this card game online
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    Deoxys V-battle Deck