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  • Type: Japanese Booster Boxes

Battle Region Booster Box

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The subset also includes more Character Rare Full Art cards featuring Pokémon Trainers following their reintroduction in the VMAX Climax subset, Pokémon with zero-cost attacks for the first time since the Cosmic Eclipse expansion, as well as a new gameplay mechanic: Sparkling Pokémon.

Sparkling Pokémon are comparable to Shining Pokémon from the Neo Series and Pokémon ☆ from the EX Series, in that they depict the Shiny form of a Pokémon and have a Rule Box stipulating only one copy can be included in a deck. Sparkling Pokémon have a Pixel Crosshatch Holofoil pattern and have a new 'K' rarity, likely derived from their Japanese name, Kagayaku. Each common and uncommon card from the subset also has a Mirror Holofoil variant, which feature a Poké Ball pattern.

Gotta catch them all! The Pokemon TCG: Sword & Shield Enhanced Expansion Pack - Battle Region Expansion has more than 67 new cards to collect!


  • 20 packs per box.
  • 6 cards per pack.
  • All cards in this Pokémon set are printed in Japanese.
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Battle Region Booster Box