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    Banana Games Gym Leader Challenge (June 4th @6PM)

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    Race to get all 8 Badges! 

    Teams will be divided in to RED or BLUE via Energy draw in the beginning. 

    Rounds are Best of 1, 30 minute rounds

    Standard Format

    - Each win will net their respective team 3 points

    - Each lose will net 0 for their team

    - Each Tie will net 1 points for both teams

    The first team to reach 50 points will become the winning team! (30 points if player base is below 10)

    If both team reaches 50 points together in the same round then its the team with the higher points wins

    Every Tuesday @6PM

    Players will face off in teams against another team to earn 1 out of 11 gym badges. (Badges will be awarded based off of the type of deck played on the day ie. Water Deck = Water Badge)


    Winning Teams will Receive 1 Badge to each player

    Players Can then Trade in badges for the following prizes:

    Present 4 Different Badges - 4 random packs of modern set

    Present 8 Different Badges - 1 Mystery Box or $50 Gift Card

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    Banana Games Gym Leader Challenge (June 4th @6PM)